Have a question(s) about what I do? Hopefully I'll be able to answer it here for you!

What services do you offer?

I offer VHS to Digital conversion, Videography and Video Editing services.


Do I have to live local to use your services?

If you require videography services you have to be local to OX18 or live in the Oxfordshire area. If you require VHS to Digital or Video Editing, I can provide these services to nationwide (Great Britain).


What’s better – filming on phone or camera?

Pretty much all smart phones record in 1080p HD, which is your standard high definition quality. Anything below this I wouldn’t recommend filming in. Remember if you’re going to film on your phone turn it landscape instead of portrait. However, I wouldn’t recommend your phone if you’re filming a big event, for example a wedding. You can film snippets of the day on your phone like getting ready, messages, party etc, but I recommend a camera or camcorder for filming the Ceremony and Speeches.


I’ve never filmed myself, what do I do?

I will send you top filming tips and tutorials on how to film it yourself.


Can I hire cameras from The Editology Room?

I don’t hire cameras out but there are plenty of other places that do. Just remember to double check their insurance policy, as you don’t want to be paying out a lot if the camera(s) breaks. Another option is to buy your own camera(s), that way you get to keep it forever!


What digital format does my footage need to be in?

I accept any digital format, e.g. .mp4, .mov, .mts.


I have old VHS tapes; will you be able to convert them?

I can only convert VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, MiniDV and 8mm tapes. I can also convert DVDs.


Will I be charged if my tapes don’t have any footage on?

I will not charge for any tapes that are empty. I will refund you on any empty tapes that are found.


My VHS tape is damaged, are you still able to convert it?

Depending on how damaged your tapes are there are ways that you can fix it without paying someone else. Please click here for instructions. Once you’ve repaired your tape you can send it in for conversion.


How should I send my footage to you?

If your footage is in digital format, I will send you a link to my Google Drive, where you’ll be able to upload it. Alternatively, you can also send your footage by post and I would recommend sending it tracked/signed for with Royal Mail or a courier (DPD, DHL, UPS etc). For clients who live locally they can drop off their footage to The Editology Room HQ.


Will my VHS tapes be returned to me?

Yes, once I have finalised your videos and you’re happy with them I will either send them back via post, or if you live locally you can come and collect. (The same goes for other footage that has been sent via post or dropped off)


What are your prices?

My VHS to Digital package starts from £10 per tape.

My Video Editing packages starts from £150.


Do I have to pay upfront?

You will not have to pay upfront if you require the VHS or Video Editing services. We will ask you to send your footage to us first, so we can see how much footage you have. If you’ve booked the VHS to Digital package we will double check each tape. After checking the tapes, we will send you an invoice.

If you’ve booked a Video Editing package, we will check how many hours you’ve filmed. After checking we will send you an invoice. We will not start converting and or editing your footage until payment has been made. 

If you require my Videography services a deposit of £100 will be required, to book me for the day. 


How do you accept payment?

I accept payment via bank transfer.


How long is the turnaround time?

Depending on how busy I am, the turnaround time is up to 3-4 weeks or sooner.


How will I receive my final videos?

You will receive your final videos on a digital download link, which I will send to you via email. For an extra cost you can order a USB, which is presented in a gift box (makes for an ideal present for loved ones).


How do I download my videos?

I will send you a direct link via email to your videos, which are stored on Google Drive. Once you have opened the link to your videos you’ll be able to download them.


Can you put more than one video onto a USB?

Our USBs come with 32gb of storage which is enough to fit all of your videos on. In the unlikely event that we can’t fit all your videos on, we will contact you.


Can I personalise my USB?

We order our USBs individually in order to personalise them for you. You can choose to have the gift box and USB personalised with text of your choice.