5 Reasons Why You Need A Wedding Video

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

When you start planning your wedding, usually a video is not a priority or budgeted for and I'm here to tell you why it should.

1. Not getting a wedding video is one of the biggest regrets

If you talk to family and friends who didn't have their wedding filmed, the majority of the time they will say it's one of their BIGGEST regrets. Read this blog on people who had a videographer and who didn't.

2. capturing events you might not see

Whilst your off having your photos taken your videographer will be filming your guests and they might capture something funny you would of never known about.

3. shoot it yourself

If your shy in front of the camera and would prefer not to have a videographer you can always 'shoot it yourself!' Hire or buy a couple of camcorders (even better if you already have some or are able to borrow) and give them to your guests to film. Click here for great examples of this style of video.

4. keepsake for the future

My parents got married in 1995 and I'm so glad they had a wedding video, because I can rewatch it with them. My great-grandparents and grandparents were also caught on camera, so as a grandchild I am extremely appreciative of these memories.

5. photographers can't capture sound

Photos are also treasure memories of your day, but they can't record the 'soundtrack' of your day. Getting to hear what was said on your day and the emotion and laughter from you and your guests is priceless and unless it's captured on you might not remember in years to come.

I used to work for a wedding video company for a number of years (who sadly went insolvent due to the affects of Covid-19), so I know the value and importance of a video and which is why I created my new business in the first place.