Top Tips - Filming A Wedding Yourself

Have you decided to film your wedding video yourself, but not sure where to begin? Well you've come to the right place! I worked at Shoot It Yourself and I edited over 300 wedding videos during my time there, so I know all the do's and don'ts of what to do when it comes to filming your big day 🎥

Credit to Chris Milner Photography

Designate Your Friends and Family to Help Film

When the day comes the last thing you want to be doing is stressing who is going to be filming, so why not create a timetable and ask your friends and family to fill in. You can save and use my one below:

Wedding Day Timetable

Film in Landscape

Remember when you watch your wedding video back you'll most likely watch it on a TV and if you film your day in portrait it'll have black bars next to the side which won't make for great viewing. In this day and age were very used to filming everything on our phones (in portrait), but on a special occasion such as this you definitely need to be filming in landscape!

Two Cameras Is Better than One

Having two cameras enables you to capture your day from more than one angle. For example during the ceremony you can have one camera on the bride/groom walking down the aisle and the other camera on their partner, to capture their reaction. Also if you're getting ready separately the other partner can see what you were like that morning!

Co-ordinate With the Photographer

If you've hired a photographer make sure that they are aware that you will be filming so you don't get in the way of each other, as I've edited quite a few wedding videos where the photographer has stood in front of a video camera (this is why it's good to also have two cameras just incase).

Use a Tripod

I prefer to use a tripod during the Ceremony, Speeches and First Dance. I leave one camera on it so I can get a stable fixed shot and then I hand hold my other camera to get closer shots.

Don't keep pressing the Stop and Start Recording Button

I would recommend that you film the Ceremony, Speeches and First Dance in one go and don't keep pressing the stop and start button, because when you watch it back there will be parts missed out (it also makes it harder to edit). However, it's okay to do this if you're filming other parts of the day.


One of the main reasons why people tie the knot is so that they can share this occasion with their family and friends. I've seen so many people, videographers included, not go up to the guests and get a quick video message. Cards are great yes, but video will immortalise the people who are most special to you.

When I go and film a wedding I always make sure to get messages from the parents, grandparents, bridesmaids, groomsmen and as many other guests as possible. However, people may not want to leave a message as they maybe camera shy so always respect their wishes.

(Don't forget to ask how the special couple feels, you could even ask them to leave a future message to themselves!(

Night Vision is a No

Never film in night vision unless you want to look like a green alien! 👽 (I know this emoji isn't green but Apple doesn't have a green alien emoji yet) If you're concerned about the lighting when it get's dark you can get cheap top light like this one.

The Zoom Button isn't Your Friend

You maybe enticed to press that zoom button all the way in, but the more zoomed in you are the quality will get poorer and pixelated. If you want to film something really close just walk up to it. Also if the camera is being hand held and you zoom in the shot will become wobbly.

Get Creative

Don't want a traditionally shot wedding video, why not get creative? Attach a go-pro to a bottle and do champagne cam! I've even seen somebody attach it to their dog! You could also pick your favourite song and get people to sing to it 🎤- check out what Emma and Richard sang for their Marryoke 👇🏼

Remember to Have Fun!

The most important thing to remember is that this type of filming should be fun to do! Here's some of my favourite wedding videos that I've edited over the years! 😍