Updated: Sep 13, 2021

How will it benefit my business?

Video marketing uses videos to help capture and promote your business, increases social media engagement and helps educate your existing and new clients. Another reason is that video can be made for everyone as it's easy to digest and it's entertaining (rather than having to read a long paragraph).

types of videos

If you want to make the most out of marketing your business, you can create different types of videos:

  • Demonstration - a video of how to use your product/or service

  • Training - training new team members

  • Education - help students with learning and to show what your school or learning service has to offer

  • Promotional - get your business noticed with an eye-catching, lively video

  • Behind the Scenes - clients buy stories and people, so show off your business with your enthusiasm, passion and personality behind your business


Promotional: Who looks forward to watching the John Lewis Christmas advert every year? 🙋🏼‍♀️

Throughout all of their Christmas ads John Lewis can connect with people's imaginations, which then trigger an emotional response - usually at this time of year our emotions are heightened. This is why these specific adverts do well and have the public waiting for the new one each year.

Behind the Scenes: A great way to advertise your business is to show people your story and where it all began. This new business 'Dahlia Beach' has done a great job in showing just that!

Incentive Travel: Steppes Travel treated their employees to an end of year company trip, to say thank you for all of their hard work. Everyone filmed on their phones and then the footage professionally edited! I think this is a great way to boost your companies business, because it shows that you treat your staff well and it can also be an incentive for new hires.

creating your video

It's so easy to create your own video all you need is your phone or a camera!

Film what you need and then upload it to your Instagram feed or stories, Facebook or LinkedIn.

If you're creating a longer video with lots of shots/camera angles send it to me and I'll edit your video professionally. Check out my packages here.