Terms and Conditions 

The Editology Room is not liable for any damage or loss incurred whilst your media is in the post. We suggest you use a signed for or tracked service. Once we receive your footage the process is extremely safe due to the backups we keep.

We are not responsible for poor quality footage if your media arrives in poor condition and therefore lacking quality. If there is a problem with your footage, we will contact you.

The Editology Room cannot be responsible for VHS breakage during the conversion, due to age decay or poor storage. We recommend that you check your tapes before handing it to us. If the tape breaks we will attempt a repair but cannot guarantee that the tape will play successfully.

In the unlikely event of The Editology Room causing damage or loss to any of your footage, we will compensate you up to the purchase value of the media. This does not include footage that arrives damaged or is in an unusable condition upon arrival. If we cannot convert and or edit the footage, we will refund you. Once your footage has been converted and or edited, backups are kept for 60 days after the final videos have been posted back to you.

The Editology Room will take the utmost care with respect to converting, editing and delivery of the final video(s).

The customer is responsible to ensure that they have the necessary equipment to play the digital media supplied by us. We use .mov, .mp4, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 to play and store the footage.

By accepting our terms, you are stating that you own or have permission to copy the material provided, and indemnify The Editology Room against any action, including copyright infringement.

If there is an issue with your order you must contact us within those 60 days, unfortunately we will not be able to resolve the issue(s) should you contact us after this time. We are committed to providing top customer service and will try our best to resolve the issue(s) for you. If we cannot resolve the issue(s), we will try to offer a refund that equals the value of the service that has not been performed correctly.


We do not offer refunds or reimbursements for postage.

If you posted your VHS tapes to us, shipping returns are not included in any of our VHS package prices. Postage returns will be priced separately.

We accept payment of bank transfers.

Should we not receive payment we shall not start converting and or editing your footage. We will contact you about your payment and if payment is still not received, we shall send your footage back.